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6 Top Winter Activities and Destinations


1. Go Sledding!

Find a hill with some snow and you're ready to go! If you live in a flat area or somewhere too warm for snow, you will want to visit a ski resort that offers Snow Tubing or has a designated area for sled riders to use. Safe sledding is the best sledding, so make sure to take care and watch out for hazards in the snow (like trees and rocks) and stay away from streets!

 kids activities winter activities snow Christmas

2. Ice skating, anyone?

If you're lucky enough to live by a lake or pond that freezes during the winter months, you are all set! But, you must always check to make sure it safe and that skating is allowed, especially if you are not sure! Many cities create an ice skating rink outdoors for the holidays, but did you also know that many indoor skating facilities offer lessons and open skate days for the public? Check your local listings for dates and times and remember, safety first! Wear a helmet and be careful with the younger children.

kids activities winter activities snow Christmas

3. Snow Play (not just a snowball fight):

Everyone loves a good snowball fight and it makes it more fun if there are teams and even prizes for the winners. Try adding more competitive elements like Capture the Flag, Snow Tag, Hide and Seek or even having a snowball fight at night! Use glow sticks to light the way or try creating a snow maze in the back yard.

 kids activities winter activities snow Christmas


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4. Build a Snowfort:

Have you ever had enough snowfall to create a fort or an igloo? The more snow that's available, the better, so even if nature doesn't give you enough white stuff, a commercial snow-maker can do the trick! Similar to building a sandcastle, create blocks of snow using your imagination and items you have in the house like plastic containers and bowls. Once you are done, you can splash cold water on the outsides to reinforce your construction. Just make sure it is 32 degrees or below so the water turns into an ice layer quickly!

kids activities winter activities snow Christmas

5. Skiing or Snowboarding:

January is the official Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month! Several resorts and ski shops offer deals for lift tickets, gear and lessons! Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month began in 2009, in a handful of states. Now more than 300 resorts in 34 states offer special learning programs during January. More than 500,000 people have taken beginner lessons during Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and lessons are available all winter long. Some states also offer learning programs for cross country skiing and snowshoeing as part of the initiative.

kids activities winter activities snow Christmas

Our Top Pick - Keystone Resort - Keystone, Colorado!

Keystone Resort has long been a place where kids rule; from specialty family-friendly après-ski offerings to mountaintop snow forts, the resort is a winter wonderland that allows kids and parents alike to truly enjoy their well-earned vacation time together. Offering ski/snowboard lessons for children as young as 3 and numerous childcare options, your tiny tikes or those who are not interested in snow play will be set. With several winter activities fit for the whole family, such as scenic sleigh rides, ice-skating and the World’s Largest Snow Fort, it is proof that when it comes to family, Keystone is at the top of the game.

6. Go on a Sleigh Ride!

In many ski resorts, the snow rules the roads and sleigh rides and snow mobiles may be the best mode of transport. But if your town lacks the snow needed for a sleigh, you can always check with the city listings or local stables for winter rides on horse drawn carriages. Bring a cozy blanket and bundle up, most sleigh rides last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Enjoy beautiful scenery and get familiar with the majestic horses (or maybe even reindeer) that will pull you along in an ol' fashioned winter favorite!

kids activities winter activities snow Christmas

For more information and to find other resorts to visit in the winter months check these out!

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