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We Believe in the Power of Play!

PBN'J Games is a family of fledgling designers, dreamers, and doers destined to deliver as much delightful distraction as possible. Our award-winning, affordable card games provide critical and problem-solving skills and an intro into strategic game play. We encourage laughter, teamwork, and creative thinking (all of the good stuff) for even the tiniest of players. We're all about the fun for everyone. We believe in the power of play!


Which creature's teeth would you brush? A crocodile or a piranha? Which creature would you not want to be in a dark room with? A tarantula or a scorpion? Use your mad reasoning skills and talk your way into winning this game of comparisons and crazy thinking. Creative Child's Game of the Year Award Winner!


Do you have what it takes to grab the Best in Show Trophy? Use your masterful abilities and your puppy powers to outguess and outplay your opponents. Will your top dog be larger, smaller, or the same size as the pup on the dog pile? Release your hounds first and the prize is yours!


A fun-filled game of competitive counting! Add your alien totals to score 20. Rocket reversals, space walks, and asteroid strikes may help or hurt, but stay thecourse and complete your quest to keep your stars!


Ready for some Medieval Matchup Madness? A castle conquers a knight, a knight defeats a dragon, and a dragon crushes a castle. Be the first to empty your hand by matching the image or color on your cards in the order of the correct conquests. The Jester, the Queen's Coronation, or the King's Royal Decree will be lucky or create catastrophic castle chaos and send your game play over the drawbridge and into the moat.


The squirrels are in a feeding frenzy and looking to steal your stash. Collect as many nuts as you dare without flipping over a squirrel. Are you meek and mild-mannered, a risk-taker, or a slow, calculating strategist? Find out in this breakout game of squirrely snacks, strategies, and surprises with every

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