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10 Toddler Tips for Problem Behaviors

by Jennifer McLaughlin


6. Toddlers Who Are Aggressive and Want to Hit, Bite and Kick!

Aggressive behavior can be scary. It can be frustrating and disheartening when your child directs their aggressiveness towards you. Parents will want to nip hitting, biting and kicking in the bud early, especially if the aggression is directed toward siblings and other children. Luckily, there are several tips and strategies to stop the punches and replace this behavior with gentle, positive actions instead!

Take a look at these tips from parents and experts around the web!

  1. Be an Anchor for Your Child with Patience and Empathy
  2. Try using Time-In and Calming and Soothing Techniques After Aggressive Behavior
  3. Calm Yourself as Well
  4. Show and Tell Your Child What to Do Instead of the Aggressive Behavior

7. Toddlers Who Just Cannot Stop Some Strange Behaviors

You may have seen your adorable 3 year old walk up to the wall and wipe a big, gooey booger on it, and merely walk away. You may have witnessed them eat said booger. Toddlers can exhibit some strange behavior (or at least what we deem as weird) and to them, in their toddler brains, the behavior is just a daily, normal activity! And, in most cases these behaviors are just a short phase!

Here are some great tips on what to do when your child exhibits strange and sometimes, icky behavior!

  1. Keep Calm and Replace That Behavior - Hands in Pants? How about Hands in Playdough?
  2. Ignore the Behavior, But Do Not Ignore Your Child - Although wearing a cape all day, every single day may seem strange to adults, acknowledge your child's love for Batman and offer alternatives when it is not appropriate to be a super hero (like during swim class or ballet lessons!)
  3. Prevent the Behavior From Happening - and supervise your child at all times.
  4. Set Rules and Limits and Be Consistent - When your child knows her boundaries, she is more likely to stop the behaviors and choose more appropriate (and less messy) ones!

For more information, check out The Bump, where they cover 7 wacky toddler behaviors and how to deal!

8. Toddlers Who Like to Test Their Voice Volume

We have all heard the top of the lungs scream from a toddler! Whether they are shrieks of joy, terror, or the onset of a tantrum, that high pitched screech usually is followed by an embarrassed parent shushing, scolding and high tailing for the nearest exit. Toddlers will test their voices, it is fact. And most of the time it is in a public place!

Here are some great tips on how to deal with this unwanted behavior.

  1. Acknowledge Your Child and the Emotions Behind the Screaming 
  2. Teach the Concept of Inside Voice/Outside Voice - and what is acceptable behavior.
  3. Know What Triggers the Screams (when the screeches are more then just creating sound for fun)
  4. Be Patient! - this phase will work itself out, and as kids learn to communicate, the screaming will start to happen less frequently.
  5. Don't Take It Personal!

9. Toddlers Who Cry and Whine - About Everything...

Whining and crying are one of the top behaviors that cause parents frustration. Whining over everything can indicate that your child is highly sensitive, and there are several more tips and strategies to help with this scenario. But, if you determine that the whining and incessant crying is only exhibited when your child is wanting something or after they've been told no, then try these tips to get this behavior to stop.

  1. Find Out Why Your Child Whining
  2. Teach Negotiating Skills
  3. Avoid Certain Triggers Like Hunger and Missing Nap Time
  4. Connect with Your Child and Be Pre-Emptive!

10. Toddlers Who Refuse to Wear Clothes!

Ahhh, yes, the old wait until mom turns her back and goes to check on the newborn before this shirt and skirt come flying off and toddler runs through the yard sans clothing trick! Every toddler loves it, and every parent dreads it! We spend numerous hours shopping, laundering and dressing these little tikes, only for them to strip down to the bare essentials at every chance they get!

So if your kiddo is like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and loves to be "nakey", just know that this toddler behavior can be thwarted with some simple parenting tricks.

  • Try dressing your kids in hard to remove clothing with buttons and zippers that can't be easily accessed
  • At bedtime, zip them up in pj's put on backwards or opt for ones with a hidden zipper pull.
  • Overalls and other one-piece suits can be more difficult for little hands to take off too!
  • Teach your toddler that she needs to wear clothes to go in public places, but when at home, clothes are optional!
  • Make getting dressed a fun activity, and depending on age, give choices and allow your kids to plan outfits and get creative!

As Deborah Bonne says in her article entitled IS IT NORMAL? A GUIDE TO QUIRKY TODDLER BEHAVIOR, "your unique children are as normal as can be..." and she is right!

Use these parenting techniques and follow the steps that work for you and your children. Toddler behaviors don't have to rule your life - be consistent, loving and remain positive - and enjoy this short season of parenthood! Remember, this too shall pass! 

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Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

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