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12 Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers

by Rebecca Eanes

St. Patrick’s Day is filled with endless possibilities for creative crafting and fun activities! There are many associations with this day that you can harness, including shamrocks, rainbows, leprechauns, pots of gold, the color green, and Ireland. If you’d like more on the history of St. Patrick, see my post “Who is St. Patrick?” here. I’ve gathered 12 simple and engaging crafts and activities for your toddlers to enjoy. 

  1. Fingerprint rainbow pot of gold by Crafty Morning. This fun finger painting activity will keep your toddler engaged. You’ll need white paper, black paper, rainbow colored fingerpaints, glue, scissors, and gold glitter. You can find the full instructions here.
  2. Puffy paint shamrock by No Time for Flash Cards. This is a great craft that includes sensory play. Read why messy sensory play is important here. Draw a shamrock on heavy cardstock. Mix about 1 cup of shaving cream with ¼ cup of white glue. Mix in green food coloring. Let your toddler spread the cream all over the shamrock. Let dry and then cut it out! 
  3. Create a rainbow handprint canvas as a beautiful keepsake. Turn your child’s handprint into a pot of gold with this vibrant painting. Find the full instructions here at Fun Handprint Art Blog.
  4. Here’s one more pot o’ gold handprint craft because toddlers LOVE to dip their hands in paint! This one from B Inspired Mama is one of my favorites because it’s simple, creative, and super cute. You’ll be using black and white paper, scissors, washable paint in rainbow colors, paint brush, glue, gold coins wrappers from chocolate candy, and a white paint pen. Find the full instructions here.
  5. Rainbow playdough color sorting is a great activity for little hands. This one comes to you from No Time for Flash Cards, and it’s super easy. You’ll need playdough in rainbow colors and various colored buttons, beads, and tiny objects in a bowl. The idea is simple - your child will color match the objects and stick them inside the playdough. This is a fun and engaging activity for toddlers that helps with dexterity and color recognition as well as providing important sensory play. 
  6. If you’re up for some messy play, check out the green gelatin sensory bin by House of Burke. This is a great St. Patrick’s Day themed bin using items from the dollar store such as green jewels, foam shamrocks, and gold coins. Arrange the items in a baking dish and mix lime gelatin according to instructions. Pour over the items and allow to set. Your toddler will have a blast digging the items out of the slimy gelatin!
  7. Add a little science in with this St. Patrick’s Day fizzing pots experiment by Little Bins for Little Hands. The little pots are a dollar store find, but if you can’t find them, small glasses will work. Just add a few drops of green food coloring to the baking soda before adding the vinegar for a wonderful green explosion! This is your basic baking soda and vinegar science, but toddlers never tire of this experiment! 
  8. This shamrock wand from Crafty Morning is going to make your kid’s day! Don’t be surprised when your little one swishes it around the house all day long. It’s simple to make with only a few materials you likely already have, including green construction paper, gold ribbon, glue or tape, scissors, and optional gold glitter. Find the full instructions here.
  9. This adorable leprechaun with a yarn beard from The Resourceful Mama is great for toddlers! Find the instructions and the hat template here.
  10. Turn an envelope into a leprechaun puppet with this craft idea from I Heart Crafty Things
  11. Sensory tubs are great fun for little ones, and there are lots of St. Patrick’s Day tubs online. I like this one from Counting Coconuts using split peas and a wooden spoon. My boys used to love to scoop and pour, and they’d be occupied for an hour or more with an activity like this. 
  12. Treasure hunts are always a joy for kids, and this hunt can lead to a pot of gold. Buy a tiny pot at the dollar store and fill it with pennies. Leave a trail of shamrocks twisting and turning through your home or yard leading to the pot of gold!
Rebecca Eanes is the bestselling author of multiple books including Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide, The Positive Parenting Workbook, and The Gift of a Happy Mother. She is the grateful mom of two boys. 


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