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12 Summer Science Activities

by Rebecca Eanes

Are your kids bored yet? I’ve roamed the Internet and gathered 12 fun and engaging summer science activities to zap boredom and awe your children!

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  1. Create S’mores in a solar oven! S’mores are the perfect summer treat, and kids will love creating their own solar oven and watching the chocolate and marshmallows melt in the heat. You probably already have the materials you’ll need to make it! Visit Desert Chica for the tutorial!


  1. Have a blast with chalk rockets! Sidewalk chalk is a summer staple, but this experiment takes it to a whole new level with exploding canisters that leave a spatter of colored chalk on the ground. I can’t wait to do this with my kids this weekend! Go to Growing a Jeweled Rose for instructions.


  1. Throw in a bit of fun learning with icy fizzing letters. My kids have always loved the science of baking soda and vinegar, and no matter how many times we have experimented, it just never gets old to them. This activity from Fun-A-Day mixes science with literacy for a fun twist!


  1. Blowing store-bought bubbles is fun, but why not create your own gigantic bubbles?! This is a great activity that is sure to wow the little ones. Just mix up a few ingredients and, voila! Summer science fun! You can find the instructions for this activity at Happy Hooligans.

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  1. Observe the wonder of nature up close and personal with your very own tadpole and frog investigation area. Alright, so this activity requires more prep and involvement than the others on this list, but wow, what a fantastic learning experience! Unless you’re creeped out by frogs (*raises hand), this science activity will be a terrific summer project for your kids. Check out The Imagination Tree to learn how to set up your investigation area!


  1. One of our all-time favorite activities is ice excavations. We did it countless times when mine were little, and they still talk about it today. In fact, my 9 year old recently asked me if we could do it again. I really like this Lego Excavation from Lemon Lime Adventures. This activity teaches the science of melting ice while encouraging kids to problem-solve. It’s so much fun, I’ll bet you’ll do it more than once!
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