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25 Tissue Paper Crafts

by Jenna Gleason

Tissue paper can be the medium of choice to make creative crafts with your children! With hearts, fish, monsters and more, your kids will be begging to try them all out! Check out these easy crafts and may your crafting days be filled with tissue paper fun throughout the whole year!

Here are 25 great ideas to try!

1. How to make a tissue paper painting! 

2. Kite Paper Straws 

3. Adorable Tissue Paper Hearts 


4. Ladybug Kids Craft With Free Printable!

5. Spoon flowers! 

6. Japanese Flying Carp

7. Balloon Bowl Craft

8. Tissue Paper Art Idea

9. Dragon Toilet Paper Tube Kids Craft

10. Love Monster Paper Bag

More great tissue paper crafts continued on the next page...

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