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42 Minion Crafts for Kids

Making Minions Crafts will be loads of fun for your kids. After all, who doesn't love the Minions? These Despicable Me characters are some of our favorites. You can even use these hysterical characters at your next birthday party. 

Minion Slime - Isn't this adorable? This is too cool not to try. It would be the perfect party favor.

Minion Gift Bags - These are too cute to use. Bring a smile to your kid's birthday by using minion bags.

Craft Stick Minions - These are just cute. Perfect for sticking into your garden plants.

Minion Water Bottle Labels - Use these cute water bottle labels to keep track of drinks at your kid's next Minion birthday party.

Banana Pudding - Minions love bananas. Your kids will love this just as much.

Minion Valentine's Day Box - Your kids will enjoy making this minion Valentine's box.

Minion of Tires - Have a blast outside with your kids making a minion for your garden. All you need is paint and a few tires.

Minion Clothespin Craft - These are perfect for displaying your kid's artwork on the fridge. All you need now is to put magnets on the back of them.

Baby Food Jar Minions - Aren't these adorable? They'd be perfect for a birthday party.

Minion Shirts - These are brilliant. Are you going on a trip anytime soon? You could create one of these for each member of the family.

"You're One in a Minion" Valentine's Day Craft - This is a super cute idea for Valentine's Day. You could also surprise your kids with a minion in their lunch. It will bring a smile to their face.

Minion Toppers - We love these marshmallow minion treats. You can use them as brownie toppers too. Delish!

Minion Napkins - These napkins would greatly compliment a minion birthday bash.

Banana Minion Face Printable - These are fun! Print these adorable minion faces and have your kids decorate some bananas.

Toilet Paper Roll Minions - What cute and easy toilet paper roll Minions! They'd be a great way to use up the toilet paper rolls.

Minion Cup Covers - This is the perfect cup cover to protect your drink from bugs this summer.

Minion Twinkie Cakes - Minions are amazing and so are Twinkies. Put them together with this awesome recipe!

Minion Cookies - Bring these super sweet and silly Minion cookies to the next summer picnic.

Cardboard Tube Minions - Do you have cardboard tubes sitting around? Make these cuties!

Minion Treat Bags - Help your kids make these adorable Minion bags. These would be perfect for wrapping gifts in as well.

Balloon Minions - Decorate your house with a bunch of yellow Minion balloons.

Easy Minion Cookies - These look amazing! Imagine if the frosting was banana flavor. Mix some banana flavor into the frosting to find out.

Minion Wall Hanging - This is just an adorable wall hanging that is a must for any Minion celebration. Don't forget to add this to your decor list.

How To Make Minions - These Minions would make great table decorations or cake toppers for your Despicable Me Birthday party!

Bubble Minion Party Favors - Finding an activity to do, while trying to keep your kids occupied is hard. These bubble minions would be great for party favors, outdoor activities, and active crafts!

Minion Bowling Pins - You can make this Despicable Me game and it will be a hit! All you need is a few empty soda bottles and paint.

Minion Goggles - This fun craft is best for pretend play or even for Halloween costumes. They are cute and easy!

Kinder Surprise Minions - These are really cute to put in gift bags. You could also use them for scavenger hunts or even surprise your kids with a treat.

Minion Notebook - Need a cute notebook craft that your kids can fill with memories? This is an easy and cute project.

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Minion Bath Salts - This is the perfect craft for both kids and parents. Make bath-time fun again for your kids by allowing them to make their own bath salts. The containers could also be used for sprinkles or hair ties. Ideas are endless for this craft.

Minion Puzzle Craft - Let your kid be the master artist with this craft. They will be able to make an easy and exciting puzzle at a low cost.

Perler Bead Minion Patterns - Help your kids make a few minions with these beads. It's a lot of fun for kids. Your kids will start with beads and end up with a cute minion of their own. Minion Hooded Towel - You and your kids will never lose towels at the swimming park with these cute Minion hooded towels!

Minion Pumpkins - Great decorations for Halloween without scaring your kids too much!

Minion Necklaces - Your kids can decorate their minions differently. Another cool thing is that these could also be used as name tags.  

Backpack - This is a tougher project to do, so help your kids! The final product is definitely worth it!

Footprint Minion Craft - We love footprint art projects for kids. This is a definite must do this summer.

Minion Party Hats - These are perfect for a sunny day. Plus, they are cute!

Magnets - This is something fast and fun.

Minion Division Flashcards - These are a cute and creative way to help teach your kids how to divide.

These Minion projects are sure to leave you and your kids wanting more. And why not? Minions are amazing. So, use these art projects to fill up your kid's summer - with Minions.

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