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5 Healthy Halloween Hacks

The Internet abounds with recipes for fun, sugar-free Halloween “treats,” but let’s get real: this holiday is all about indulging, and few kids will happily trade their chocolate bars and candy corns for pretzel-and-cheese broomsticks or grape eyeballs.

However, parents are right to worry over the excesses: Halloween candy spending surpasses $2 billion per year and rising in the United States alone, according to the National Confectioners Association. And these annual candy gluts are paralleled by skyrocketing childhood obesity and tooth decay rates, which can spell big trouble for your kid’s health as well as your wallet.

Scary stuff, indeed. How to protect your little trick or treaters without spoiling the joy? You’ve got to think smarter, and these 5 Halloween hacks are the perfect place to start.


1. Plan a weekend of movement.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which means you’ll have two-and-a-half days during which to counter the effects of all that indulging. A Monster Mash dance party on Friday night will encourage heart-healthy movement and get kids excited about the festivities to follow. Saturday and Sunday, schedule physical activities such as a brisk stroll around a local neighborhood famous for its Halloween decorations or a visit to an indoor trampoline or activity park.

2. Don’t play taxi.

All those steps taken while walking door-to-door to collect treats really do add up, especially when hills are involved, so think twice before offering to chauffeur your kids up and down the neighborhood in the family car. If it’s sprinkling, buck up and bring along an umbrella — you won’t melt, and the kids probably won’t even notice.

If it’s pouring, or really too cold to enjoy the outdoors, look for an indoor trick-or-treating option that will still involve a bit of footwork, such as your local mall or community center.

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