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5 Thanksgiving Themed Activity Bags for Toddlers

by Rebecca Eanes

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and it’s usually a busy time for families. One of my favorite ways to entertain and engage toddlers is with activity bags, so, of course, this calls for a few Thanksgiving-themed bags to break out when you need get that turkey in the oven or sit down with your child for quality play time.

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Activity bags are simple. They are large Ziploc bags filled with fun and engaging activities for your little one to explore. Each of my activity bag ideas listed below include a sensory component, book, coloring sheet, and a couple of crafts. Have fun, and Happy Holidays!

Pumpkin Bag

Pumpkins are a big part of the holiday season, so a pumpkin-themed activity bag is the perfect way to occupy your toddler. Here are a few ideas to fill your pumpkin bag!

  1. Fill a smaller Ziploc bags with pumpkin guts for a messy but fun sensory experience. Too messy? Fill it with seeds and include a spoon and small cup for scooping and pouring!
  2. Print this pumpkin coloring sheet and toss in a few crayons.
  3. Include a board book such as Where is Baby’s Pumpkin by Little Simon. It’s a lift-the-flap book perfect for toddlers!
  4. Cut out a foam sheet (like the ones you get from the Dollar Tree) into a pumpkin shape and glue a magnet to the back. Include a sticker sheet or glue and gems. Your toddler can decorate the pumpkin and stick it on the fridge!
  5. Try this mess-free pumpkin painting from Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. It even has a free printable, and I love that there’s no clean-up required!

Turkey Bag

Let your little one explore a turkey-themed bag while you prep and bake your Thanksgiving turkey!

  1. Print this turkey coloring sheet and include a few crayons in the bag.
  2. The sensory component for this bag is this super cute turkey squishy bag I found over at Life Over C’s. If you can’t find the turkey she used, I think a laminated and cut up turkey picture will work just fine.
  3. Add the Little Turkey: Finger Puppet Book by Chronicle books to your activity bag. This sweet story offers a special Thanksgiving message, and the puppet is just adorable! Of course, any turkey-themed book works just fine.
  4. Throw in the materials for this turkey paper bag craft from The Best Ideas for Kids with a stick of glue. Your toddler can assemble the turkey and use it as a paper bag puppet.
  5. Paper plate turkeys are another simple craft that your toddler can put together with little to no help. You’ll just need a paper plate, pre-cut feathers, eyes, a beak, and some glue. Toss it all into your turkey activity bag and watch them go!
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