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7 Creative Summer Projects for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes

Summertime should be full of relaxation, free play, and creativity, but we all know kids can get bored on these long summer days. To nix the boredom and create great memories this summer, try these creative projects.

1. Make a bird bath. This is a fun and simple project we made with pots, acrylic paint, marbles and gems, and a large plate I found for $1. Have your child decorate the pots any way they like and simply stack them (I glued them together) and put a heavy rock in the top pot before gluing on the plate to keep it steady. Add water and watch for the birds!

2. Grow fall vegetables in a child-decorated pot. In a 5-gallon pot or bigger, your child can grow tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, dwarf melons, and other vegetables. If you're new to gardening, check out a library book and learn together how to get started.

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