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Can Creativity Increase Mental Health and Grades in Children?

by Jayne Black

The question is, can creativity increase mental health and grades in our children? The answer is “Yes” and “Yes”!

Research continues to show that creativity can increase positive mental health and shows that when children are involved in the arts they do better in writing, reading, and math! The fact is that creative experiences can help our children express and cope with their feelings. Creativity is also critical in fostering mental growth in children by providing those opportunities to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways to problem solve. Our children have always needed creativity, but they need this now more than ever!

When I speak about the importance of creativity I do it from a place of truly knowing the value of it. Being dyslexic, it was my saving grace long before I even knew I had dyslexia. It made me feel that even though I failed at many things academically, I knew when it came to being creative I was able to succeed, which gave me a ray of self-worth. I am so thankful for my superpower, dyslexia, and how creative it makes me!

Today my life is spent being a creativity influencer. I do that by creating opportunities through my programs to be purposefully creative! Even during this past year’s pandemic, I did not stop finding ways to connect to people, and people to each other, through art. How can I be purposefully creative you ask? Create on purpose! Do not just expect an opportunity to be creative will happen each day, purposefully set aside time each day to create. You must make the time on purpose. Whether it is working out a problem creatively with your kids or using Pinterest, or Googling “art projects for kids”, or even more specifically like “art projects with yarn” (or whatever is in the house). Find a project to do together so you can bond through art. Do not overthink it. You do not need pricey art supplies either! Just focus - MAKE time on purpose to be creative and truly value the pleasure of being creative and the resulting outcomes!

Also, explore all different types of creativity and art! Creating a story book together as a family, writing a silly song together, acting out a favorite story, painting, drawing -- the possibilities are limitless. When you use creativity your child grows, and that growth will be and is just as powerful as your child’s classroom education!

At the end of the day, if your child is struggling with depression or any type of mental health issue, creativity can be that spark of hope that can get them to the next step – beyond their current state of mind. I honestly believe HOPE lives within CREATIVITY. I see this power of being creative every day in the children and families I work with.

Jayne Black

President of

Ambassador for

Mrs. Alabama Earth @mrsalabamaearth

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