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Connecting Through Creativity

by Rebecca Eanes

When two powerful forces - connection and creativity - come together, happiness soars. I’ve spoken before about the power of the parent-child connection. When children feel emotionally connected to their parents or caregivers - when a secure attachment is in place - children have the best chance at healthy physical, social, mental, and emotional development. Research shows that children who have a secure attachment have higher happiness. 


Creativity is also important for self-expression, problem-solving, critical thinking, and processing emotions. Like connected children, creative children are happier! A study out of New Zealand showed that engaging in creative activities contributes to positive emotions and psychological well-being. 

As you can imagine, when these two happiness contributors combine, you have a happy, thriving child who grows and develops well. Connecting through creativity, then, is a perfect way to spend quality time with your child. Here are five ideas to get you started.


Connect through art. 

There are endless options for creating or celebrating art with your child. Little ones will enjoy finger painting. Older kids love creating sculptures with clay. Your teen may appreciate a visit to an art gallery. I’ve chose five quick and easy art options below:

  1. Festive lights finger painting. This activity from Learning4Kids is simple and colorful, which is perfect for toddlers! 
  2. Shaving cream painting was a big hit when my kids were toddler/preschool ages, and it’s so easy to set up and to clean up! In a muffin pan, squirt sensitive skin shaving cream into each cup and mix food coloring into each one. I always did this at bath time, letting them “paint” the tub and tiled wall as it rinses away very easily, but you can do this on paper together as well. 
  3. Blown art is a fun activity for any kid, but I think toddlers and preschoolers will particularly love it. You’ll need watered down paint or colored water, an eye dropper or spoon, plain white paper, bendy straws, and a pan or other container to catch the liquid. Simply drop the paint onto the paper and blow paint blob through a straw to create unique art!
  4. I always have a stock of polymer clay on hand. My child still loves creating with it in his preteens. For a fun and simple project, try creating these clay snails with clay and colored pasta shells. 
  5. For your teen, try one of these cute and creative string art projects from DIY Projects for Teens. The owl is my favorite!
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