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Creative Spring Projects for Kids

by Rebecca Eanes

The winter chill is losing its grip. Flowers are sprouting up in triumph. Spring has arrived as promised.

Here are 4 creative projects to offer your kids this season!

1. Grow a Garden

Gardening together grows more than plants. It grows family connections. Additionally, gardening has benefits such as teaching patience and boosting healthy eating, as well as sensory benefits! If you’re a gardening novice like me, this list from NC State University tells you what you can plant in the spring.

Consider getting creative with a fairy garden like this one seen here at Creative Child, or try one of these fun themes from The Micro Gardener. Whether you plant vegetables, herbs, or flowers, you’re sure to be planting happy memories along the way.


2. Create a Terrarium

Terrariums are a fun way to get kids outside and into nature, and they provide loads of learning opportunities. Children can explore topics such as habitats, plant species, amphibians, reptiles, bugs, worms, rocks, and more! They may choose to just grow plants, or maybe they’ll want to keep a turtle, frog, or lizard to observe for a while. Let them be creative with decorating! Look at craft shops and dollar stores for cheap, fun finds.

Just be sure they research the critter they’re caring for so they provide what it needs to survive, and release it back where they found it when they’re ready. What you’ll need is dependent upon what type of terrarium your children want to create, so here are instructions for a basic plant terrarium, a lizard terrarium, a frog terrarium, and a worm habitat.

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