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Creativity Building Activities for Kids



  • Design a t-shirt or pillowcase using fabric markers. Alternatively, make a tie-dye shirt using these instructions. 
  • Try giving your child writing prompts. There are lots of different ways to approach this. You could write a sentence or two and have them write the next sentences. You could give them several words that they must work into a short story. You might ask them to create a character and describe their appearance and personality. Here’s a big list of prompts to get you started. 
  • My kid is always bringing origami critters home is his backpack that his friends made. I found 20 cute and easy origami at Easy Peasy and Fun. We made the corner bookmarks and they were super adorable!
  • Build a sand castle. No beach nearby? Sand cloud dough is a great indoor alternative because it’s easy to shape and holds together well. To make sand cloud dough, you’ll need 7 cups of sand, 7 cups of flour, and 2 cups of baby oil. Full instructions at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. 
  • Play in the snow for creative fun! Build a snowman and decorate him, build a snow castle, or paint the snow. 
  • Play name games. One example is to have your child think of 5 things that start with the same letter as her first name and draw them. Another idea to create something unique using the first letter of you first name and the last letter of your last name. For me, it would be R= red and E= elephant. Draw a red elephant! Another fun one is to have your child write his name in cursive vertically on the paper, then see what art piece you can create from your name, like this.
  • Lie together in the grass and find shapes in the clouds like you did when you were a kid. Is that a dinosaur? 
  • Beads offer endless opportunities. From beaded jewelry to sculptures. Here are more than 60 pony bead crafts from Fun Family Crafts.
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