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Dads Making Fatherhood More Fun

For many of us, our fathers are among our first role models. They show us how to communicate, how to treat ourselves and other people, and if we’re lucky, how to make and fix things. In spite of the crucial role of fatherhood, dads have often been left out of the parenthood conversation and relegated to the role of “breadwinner.” If you haven’t heard of them already, be prepared to see awesome dads like Robert Nickell and Beau Coffron filling up your social media news feeds on #fathercrushfriday and changing perceptions of fatherhood in the modern age.

Up until the mid-20th century expectant dads weren’t even allowed in delivery rooms, but in the 21st century, the Daddy & Cobirth of a child is a moment fathers-to-be wouldn’t miss for the world. When Robert Nickell, aka Daddy Nickell, remarried and started a family for the second time around, he wanted to make sure he and other dads could feel comfortable in the role of daddy from the delivery room and beyond.

So far, Daddy Nickell has succeeded in the ongoing endeavors of parenthood and entrepreneurship. Since launching Daddy & Co. in 2007, Nickell has branched off into blogging at the Daily Daddy and working with his adult daughters to run the company and write children’s books.

Busy father of three, Beau Coffron, has also made a point of balancing work with fatherhood duties, sharing his experience on his blog, the Lunchbox Dad. On his blog, everything from parenting advice to product reviews can be found. Of course, the blog is also home to Coffron’s many one-of-a-kind, lunchbox-ready culinary creations, inspired by his kids and their constantly changing interests.

Lunchbox Dad

While the Lunchbox Dad might seem like a natural from the pictures on his blog, Coffron wasn't particularly creative in the kitchen before having children, simply saying "My kids inspire all of my creations." Having kids has also inspired Coffron to start the San Francisco Dads Group, which has allowed him to connect with other dads.

Above all, it seems being a father has encouraged connection in all aspects of life for both Coffron and Nickell. Coffron mentions communication—with his wife, his kids, and other dads—as a vital tool for creating a balanced life with kids.

When Daddy Nickell was asked for his advice to other busy dads with young children, his response was also simple: Quality Time. Uninterrupted time. It can be 5 minutes at a time or 5 hours. “The goal is not to be their playmate, but to be there enjoying the time with them. In some cases it is Lego building, or dolls, or reading. If you just sit there they will start talking about whatever it is they are creating. That is when it gets fun. Let them create the moment.”

Photos courtesy of Daddy & Co. and The Lunchbox Dad

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