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I Love Chew Gumball Machine

by Jenna Gleason

Are you looking for a bright treat for your kids this Valentines Day? These mini gumball machines are simple, adorable, and cheap to make. This has to be the cutest DIY valentine a kid can give!


Plastic Cups (Red/Blue/Green)

Hot Glue

Mini Coke or Sprite Bottles

(and/or Clear Plastic Ornaments (100mm))



1. Remove the label from the coke bottles as much as you can. I used Goo Gone for the sticky part. Clean the coke bottles with soap and dry them off so there are no water spots. The clearer it gets the more realistic the outcome of the gumball container. If your using ornaments skip this step. 

2. Once dry, fill the bottle/ornament all the way to the top with colorful gum-ball candies. Close the bottle up so the gumballs are enclosed inside the bottle. For ornaments simply do the same thing but place the lid of the ornament back on once its full. 

Optional: If the cap and the plastic cup don't match you can paint them or use decorated tape.

3. Hot glue the bottom of the bottle to the bottom side of the plastic cup. The cup should be upside down.

4. Place a ribbon or label of the front  that says “I Love Chew!” or “Chew the Best!” and then your done!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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