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Ice Cream Truck Fine Motor Play Board

by Jenna Gleason

This simple, cute, and fun learning board is a great fine motor skills tool. Kids really enjoy the ice cream truck theme of this inexpensive DIY board. We love a simple board for young kids that has many uses. Happy crafting!


Black Paint (Acrylic)

Felt Paper (11 shades)

Poster Board (White)

Velcro Pieces

Hot Glue Gun




  1. Draw out the ice cream truck on white poster board with pencil. Start painting, be creative!
  2. Using sharpie, draw out the ice cream pieces on the felt paper; 7 ice cream chapes, 4 cherries, 2 cones, 2 cups, 3 syrups, and a bunch of sprinkles. For the felt paper, consider using light green, yellow, different shades of pink, light blue, turquoise, red, cream, brown, and tan (for the cones).
  3. Next, cut out all of the pieces!
  4. Hot glue the front velcro pieces in the sections on the board for the ice cream. Then, hot glue the back velcro pieces to the back of the ice cream cutouts. Stick the cutouts on the board and you're done!

This board is primarily to help your young child with fine motor skills. But, it can also become a memory game by simply making 2 shapes of each color rather than just one! To play, make 1 version of an ice cream cone, and have your child make their version matching the colors. Also, use this board to teach colors and shapes. To do so, use different shapes in place of the sprinkles or cherries and ask your child what shapes they see! Its super fun to play and interact!

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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