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Indoor Activities for Cold Days

by Rebecca Eanes

The temperatures are dropping but your child’s energy level sure isn’t! That might mean your kids are bouncing off the walls and you need to reign in the chaos. When it’s too cold to play outside, try these indoor activities.


Get Creative with Paints, Pencils, and Paper

When a coloring book and a box of crayons just won’t do, up your game by creating drawing prompts for your kids. Draw one half of something and ask them to finish it, or draw random lines on paper and ask them to use their imagination to create something using those lines. Do a paint-by-number or let them go wild with finger paint and giant sheets of paper or poster board. Sketch portraits of each other, the pets, or the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter.

My suggestion: Challenge your kids to draw their favorite book character.

Get Crafty

Those frigid days are a great time to do crafts with your child, from simple paper plate crafts to creating a quilt together. Take this time to learn to crochet together, learn woodworking, or make hand-made Christmas ornaments. Make tie dyed t-shirts or holiday coasters. You can find instructions online for anything your child wants to make.


My suggestion: Create a costume. Look through mom or dad’s closet to find scarfs, ties, jewelry, and hats. Get all dressed up and then have a fun photo shoot!

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