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Should You Allow Your Children to Use Kiddle?

by Jennifer McLaughlin


While Kiddle tries to filter as much "adult content" as possible, there are still sites that pop up that one family may find inappropriate or another may deem to be offensive. However, parents can email Kiddle and request that certain keywords and websites be added to the blocked list. 

One great feature of the site is that the most kid-friendly results are being chosen by editors, who block out sites that may be unsafe for children to view. These are the first 3 pages to be shown. These results are written specifically for children, coming from websites like and Kiddle’s editors also specifically choose images that are included on pages 1-7.

Unfortunately, results shown on pages 8 and beyond are not handpicked and are typically written for adults, but still provide expert content. This is where Google Safe Search comes into play. These web pages and articles are not supposed to contain explicit material, and may be more difficult for kids to understand, so parents should monitor these more closely.

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Overall, Kiddle does its best to weed out inappropriate content, but it is not quite perfect yet.

So, should you allow your children to use Kiddle? That's up to you, but regardless of what search engines you choose, general internet safety precautions should always be discussed first!

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Parenting Tips:

1. Set Ground Rules 

Kids should know your family rules and feel comfortable talking to you before using the computer.

2. Be Involved!

Supervise all web activity and physically be nearby to monitor what your kids are searching. Also know how to do a history search to see what websites have been viewed.

3. Talk to Your Kids and Warn About Dangers

Always keep the lines of communication open with your children. Discuss the risks of sharing information and make them aware of suspicious behavior or activity. Remember, the goal isn't to scare them, it is to make them aware so they are safely using the technology.

4. Implement Parental Controls

To find those options, check with your internet service provider or go here for PC's and here for Mac's.

General Internet Safety for Kids

These websites offer additional information about protecting children online:

While we can't always shield our children from discovering inappropriate materials, Kiddle seems to be at least headed in the right direction for kid-safe internet browsing. As with any new website or app, there will be bug fixes and improvements in the months to come. Parents should always monitor the sites kids search and be in the know for new risks and dangers as they come up.

For more information and to try it out for yourself, visit

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Jennifer is a former special education teacher and mentor. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Kent State University in Ohio. She enjoys dancing, reading and spending time training her dog, BrunoMars. 

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