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Lifelong Benefits of Science Fairs for Kids

by Sarah Lyons



            Once the science experiment has been completed and analyzed, kids will be expected to communicate their results through writing, speaking, and materials such as storyboards or other displays. Communication is one of the most important skills a child can develop. Even as our culture moves more towards digital communication, such as texts and emails, good public speaking skills are an asset they will rely on throughout the rest of their school and professional careers.

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            Most would agree that hands on learning leads to better understanding, which is what participating in a science fair offers to students. When time is spent researching, developing a project, analyzing the results, and studying it thoroughly in order to communicate the findings to others, we are much more likely to understand and retain the information we have learned. Teachers and parents would agree that science fairs help develop benefits that last a lifetime and kids will tell you that science fairs a lot of fun too.



Sarah Lyons is a stay at home wife and mother of six children, including 18 month old triplets. Using creative consequences with her kids has improved their behavior and encourages healthy relationships with each other.

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