Creative Child

Presence Over Presents

by Sarah Lyons

The holiday season is here again and many parents find themselves scrambling to shop for all of the important people in their lives. Shopping for the perfect gift for your kids can be stressful. Gift giving can be full of joy but oftentimes what kids want and need is their parents time over a pile of gifts. This year try prioritizing presence over presents. This slight change in perspective can relieve this stress and give your kids the gift of memorable experiences that last longer than the thrill of a new toy.

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The gift of experience

Sharing an experience can be a great alternative to giving a physical gift. Find something your family enjoys doing together and make it into a surprise. Some ideas may include taking a trip, attending a concert, visiting a museum or a local attraction, or eating at a special restaurant. Most importantly, you will be enjoying the activity as a family. Experience gifts promote family bonding and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The gift of time

Time spent together has great value for kids. When you are shopping for gifts this year, look for items that promote family time such as games, puzzles, a cookie baking kit, sports equipment, or crafts. Take the time to play and spend time together. You may find that these activities will become family traditions you return to every year.


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