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Screen-Time Limiting Tips for Better Health

by Deborah Song


Monitor what your kid is watching. Research has shown that violent content can change kids' behavior. Some studies have linked aggressive media to aggressive behavior in children. Viewing content with a child and actively discussing what’s being shown and what the possible meanings are behind the content is one of the best types of monitoring a parent can do. It teaches kids to think critically and monitor themselves.

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Make sure your kids are getting enough social interaction. More and more kids, especially adolescent, are communicating predominantly through devices. But too much screen time and not enough social interaction rob a child of his ability to understand the emotions of others. Difficulty recognizing other people’s emotions and trouble communicating face-to-face can lead to a child having fewer friends, poor relationships and lower self-esteem.


So while less screen time is always better, it’s important to form guidelines during those times that kids do watch. As a general rule of thumb, the AAP and other child health advocates have urged parents to limit screen time to no more than one or two hours a day for kids ages 2 and up. The AAP recommends that parents avoid any screen time for babies and children under 2.




Deborah Song is the founder of, a cruelty-free company committed to creating travel accessories that help travelers journey with ease, efficiency and elegance. She loves to travel the globe in pursuit of good food, wider life perspectives and great adventure stories with her kids. Deborah is a Canadian-born, mompreneur and Los Angeles-based writer, who obtained her master’s in journalism from New York University. You can find her travel stories at

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