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Halloween Sparkly Glitter Skull

By, Joanna Gordon

Looking to put a little sparkle into your Halloween decor? This fun activity requires just a little glue and LOTS of glitter + a plastic skull or bones you can find at any craft (or even dollar) store. I would recommend using a sheet of butcher paper or plastic tablecloth while you are working to make cleaning up a breeze.

With your final product, you can add a top hat or even some (fresh or faux) flowers to brighten up any pumpkin gathering.

Halloween Glitter Skull

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  • Plastic Skull (found at the Dollar Store)
  • All Purpose Glue
  • Glitter - Color of Choice


1. Once your working surface is protected, apply a thin layer of glue to your skull in small sections. While you can use a foam or paintbrush to spread the glue, we liked using our fingers.

Halloween Glitter Skull

2. If you put the skull in a bowl, the excess glitter can be reused. We decided to keep the eyes, nose and mouth openings in their original black state to keep it a little spooky, but feel free to get creative, maybe add a contrasting color instead.

3. Let your glittered section dry a few minutes before you continue on to the next. Once your glue is completely dry, your glitter skull is ready to use as decoration.

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