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St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

by Jenna Gleason

Celebrate DIY style this St. Patty’s Day! Create this extra-seasonal wreath that can also be used as imaginative play for kids on this festive and fun holiday. They are made from simple and cheap materials, and super fun to make and look at. Follow along to craft this mesh wreath all by yourself!


Small Wreath

Mini Green Hats

Fake Gold Coins

Safety Pins/Hot Glue

Green Feather Garland

Rainbow Ribbon


(Adults will need to help their kids with this one but it’s an enjoyable craft for everyone!)

  1. Begin with cutting 5 inch sections of the rainbow ribbon. (About 6 pieces) Set these aside they will be used later.
  2. With your green feather garland, glue or pin one end to the wreath on the “back side.” You can choose which side to use as the front. Then, simply wrap it tightly around until you run out. It should cover about 75% of the wreath. If you need more, simply repeat the beginning process buy glueing or pinning down one end and wrap in the same direction to finish the length you need covered. Once done, glue or pin the other end.
  3. With the 25% of the wreath uncovered, tie your rainbow ribbon strands around the wreath and let the excess length of the ribbon dangle.
  4. Decorate with accessories. Use gold coins and secure them with glue. Place the hat on top of the green garland and secure with glue or a pin.
  5. Wrap a green ribbon into a loop around the wreath at the top to hang your wreath on the door! If your using it for play then you can skip this step.

Jenna is a staff writer and production assistant at Creative Child Magazine. She is currently attending University of Nevada - Las Vegas.

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