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Start a Family Game Night: 5 Great Benefits


Build reading skills

Games are a great way for kids to build their reading and comprehension skills. If you really want to work on these skills, choose games that will help challenge your child’s reading skills. For example, when playing trivia the kids each take turns reading questions that may be about subjects that are new to them. They practice their read-aloud skills and might learn new information too.


Create great family memories

Perhaps the best reason to add a family game night to your schedule is enjoying quality time together. While doing so you will create wonderful family memories as you laugh together and enjoy some healthy competition. Kids are sure to look back on this family tradition and appreciate that you made time to set aside the distractions of life and enjoy the time spent playing together. 

When planning a game night make sure to be realistic. Playing games for several hours every Saturday night will probably not work for most families due to busy schedules. Plan a night where everyone is free and choose a game that can be played in a reasonable amount of time that will keep everyone’s interest as well as be fun for all involved. Game night doesn’t have to happen every week, try for once a month or every six weeks. Put game night on your calendar and adjust plans to protect that time from other engagements. The time you put into family game night will be worth the bond your family members will build and the memories you will share.

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