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Summer Camp Essentials

By, Hugh Haller

Parents have to make decisions that will affect their children’s lives for years to come every day. From what school to send them to, to something more basic like what to serve at mealtime, the choices are endless and they only multiply, as kids get older.


One decision that can be a difficult one to make is sending kids to summer activities including summer camp. Parents have to worry about camp reputation, if it encompasses activities that interest their children and most importantly if the experience will help children grow and learn new skills. 

Match Age with Activity – Look for a camp that will challenge your child as he or she grows and that offers varying levels of activities. Children can start off as campers, they can learn new skills as they get older and eventually take on a leadership role as a camp counselor.

Stretch Boundaries – A camp that offers summer activities that pique your child’s interest should be considered when researching options, but avoid choosing a camp that does not give your child a chance to try new things and learn. A well-balanced camp experience should be a top priority, one where children have the freedom to do what they enjoy and the chance to branch outside of their comfort zone.

Disconnect from Technology – It is a well-known fact that children spend too much time staring at screens today. Many summer camps do not allow children to bring cell phones or have access to computers and video games while at camp. While at first children can feel isolated, by the end of camp they will have had free time to enjoy nature, discover them selves and make new friends without the influence of technology. Not only that but they are able to enjoy fun summer activities to the fullest with no distractions. 

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