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While dealing with tantrums might be a disciplinary issue, it's a big enough topic to warrant its own category. Whether taming your kid's unruly tantrums has become a serious cause of concern or you're taking pre-emptive measures before the grocery store meltdown ensues, check out these useful tips for handling those toddler temper tantrums.

As the Mayo Clinic points out in a very helpful guide, temper tantrums are largely about self-control and the feeling of being out of control. also offers a 10-point guide to coping with kids' fits. If you're still in need of resources after consulting these guides, check out Rebecca Eanes's Ultimate Guide to Tantrums. Before you know if, you'll be the expert on handling all of your toddler's behavioral issue. 


Every child deserves a healthy amount of positive attention and feedback, but it can be difficult to know where to draw the line with attention seeking behavior. If you've got a kid who employs every attention-seeking tactic in their power to distract you at the most inappropriate times, rest assured that there are ways to set boundaries without damaging your child's self-esteem.

Family counselor, Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., offers wonderful step-by-step advice on the various kinds of and causes of attention-seeking behavior at PsychCentral. Rebecca Eanes's advice on how to answer bids for connection is another great resource for helping us turn toward our kids when they display attention-seeking behavior before it gets out of hand. Visit the Positive Parenting Connection for more help handling attention-seeking children.


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Okay, so you've got tantrums and attention-seeking down, but how do you get your kids to pay attention when you need them to? Like many of the life skills we teach our kids, listening is one that can be taught by example, but it also requires clear and pointed directions from parents to work. If getting your kids to listen is a struggle in your house, try some of these expert-approved tips. 

Let's face it, toddlers aren't the only ones who lose their tempers from time to time. Rebecca Eanes's article on Why We Yell and How to Stop if you want stop yelling and start communicating with your kids. Over at the Super Nanny blog, you can find a list of Top Tips To Get Your Child To Listen. Also consider the Ask Dr. Sears advice blog, which has 25 tips for effectively communicating with children. If you've tried your best to communicate effectively and are still finding it difficult to get your kids to listen the first time, try these pointers from Psychology Today.  

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