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Top Toys for Kids of All Ages

Parents, teachers and care providers are constantly on the look out for the best toys and games for the children in their lives. We have compiled a list of over 20 items that will nurture creativity, teach a lesson and are fun for kids! These are the top choices for a variety of ages.


Top Toys and Games for Kids

These featured products are great for a variety of ages. Decorate your kid's rooms, encourage the love of music and snuggle up with a cute and functional teddy. And, of course, we love toys that are also learning tools, like stickers to learn left and right, brain teasing puzzles, and science and biology in a cute aquarium! 

Rumple Buddies - These machine washable plush toys are filled with a crinkly stuffing that entertains babies!

Zither Heaven - Look here for a great variation of musical instruments for kids and adults alike!

Elephants on the Wall - Wall decor to build imagination and creativity! You can help your kids paint in the numbers to fill in the wall decor.


SHOEZOOZ Educational Shoe Stickers - Sticker inserts will help your younger kids learn the difference of their right and left shoe. No more putting on the wrong shoes.

BioPop - The Dino Pet is filled with bioluminescent sea life that uses sunlight, water and nutrients to grow and glow...naturally! Great for a night light and a fun science experiment.

Enlivenze LLC - These self-contained FlipStir 3D puzzles are tons of fun. When you solve the puzzle, you'll reveal the artwork.

These pretend play products are great for any occasion, indoor and outdoor play, or for trips. Your kids will love all of these!

Elope Bricky Blocks - The toy box meets streetwear with this cool new line of build-on Bricky Blocks gear.

ZooPoo Kids Shampoo - This product is a cool plush toy and shampoo, all in one! Perfect for a fun bath-time toy.

Mini-Play Makeup - Mini-Play Makeup® is 100% fake but looks real! Little girls will have fun with pretend play and dress-up!

Win Green - This collection of embroidered playhouses have been designed to encourage creativity, imagination and fun! Playhouses are 100% cotton and easily assemble.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? These all would be great Christmas gifts!

The Magic Christmas Key Set - An award winning hardback book about Andy, who begins a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of a Magic Christmas Key. It's published by Pine Tree Publishing.

Senseez Jellyfish Pillow - This colorful, lightweight, portable vibrating Jellyfish offers a gentle sensation when it is squeezed.

Lost Puppies - Play this game with your children to find and bring home the lost puppies.

Okiedog Inc - This bag is the perfect place for your little fashionista to store away all of her little treasures.

D&L Stomprocket - The D&L Stomp Rocket® is fun for ages 6 and up. Stomp on the Launch Pad and a blast of air propels the Stomp Rocket® over 200 feet in the air!

Kids Go Co - Educate, entertain and nurture your child with the ZoomKIT portable table and activity system. Perfect for long car trips, inside and for outdoor use.

Woolbuddy - This whimsical collection of characters come alive through the art of needle felting. Look for these DIY kits and get ready to get addicted to felting.

SongsWithMyName - Get these Personalized Children's CD's featuring Disney, Sesame Street and other characters that sing and speak your child's name. 


These would make perfect gifts for any kids who love playing with cars.

BluTrack - BluTrack allows your kids to have a race track anywhere they go.

BERG Pedal Kart - BERG pedal karts will fill you and your kid's summer with loads of fun!

InRoad Toys PlayTape - A perfect tool allowing children to create roads and railroad tracks for all of their toy vehicles!

Dolls and puppets are always a childhood favorite! Check out these darling options!

Napa Valley Toys - Introducing the Nightbuddies - Bed Bugzzz finger puppet and night light all in one. Children will love to buzzz off to bed with these soft, sensory toys. Patented eye illumination creates a connection unlike any other plush toy.

Zeenie Dollz - Meet the Zeenie Dollz! They are fashionable, Eco-Warriors on a mission to protect the environment.

Folkmanis, Inc. - This Folkmanis® Dragon Puppet is brilliant for teaching and building imagination.

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