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Why Single Dads Deserve the Most Special Father’s Day

by Michelle Dempsey M.S., CPRW

Father’s Day

Are you swooning yet?

Just a few minutes into my conversation with D’Achille and I started imagining the great advice he could be giving to all of the fathers of the world, single or not. I was raised by one parent who never made me feel like I was lacking the love of my absent parent, and I imagine D’Achille’s daughter to be just as lucky, if not more.

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I really believe that fathers and daughters have a very special bond. One of the most challenging things for me is making sure that every day, Adriana knows I’m the one who is here for her and who she can come to for the truth about things.”

Sure, he’s got the same concerns of any person parenting alone. Managing day to day life while worrying about work responsibilities, carrying on his wife’s legacy through the incredible foundation he’s started to help women with Postpartum Illnesses and still making sure to be the most important of Adriana’s life is his only focus right now. Through it all though, his favorite part of fatherhood is laying in bed at night with his little princess, scratching her arm the way he scratched her mother’s, and singing “twinkle, twinkle, little star,” as Adriana only knows her mother to be the brightest and most beautiful start in the sky on any given night.

D’Achille’s only wish is that there would be more education for men on the responsibilities of raising children. “From the minute my wife became pregnant, she got all the attention, education, and help when it came to learning about bringing a baby into this world. We need to teach dads to be better prepared for fatherhood.”

While I couldn’t agree with him more, I think it’s safe to say that he is nailing this fatherhood thing, and then some. So on this Father’s Day, reach out to the daddies in your lives who are working their hardest and trying their best and achieving the near-impossible on their own.

We see you, single dads, and we wish you the Happiest Father’s Day of all.

What did your First Father's Day look like?

For more information on Steven D’Achille and the wonderful work he is doing in his late wife’s honor, visit his foundation.

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