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10 Bucket List Items for Fourth of July

by Deborah Song

Our nation’s big holiday is a great kick off to summer. But it can be easy to let another holiday pass by passively, not getting around to doing things you always wanted to do. That’s where a fourth of July bucket list can come in handy. Spark some quality time with your family and friends, and throw in some patriotic undertones while you’re at it.

  1. Make and play backyard games. What’s better backyard games for kids? Playing backyard games they helped create. It’s a lot like cooking: kids are more willing eat the foods they helped prepare, and they will be much more excited to play the games they helped make.

  2. Go camping in your backyard. Cozying up in sleeping bags and spending some quality time in the great outdoors after a cookout will make a great childhood memory.

  3. Host a bbq. Friends, food and tradition. Need we say more?

  4. Host a lemonade stand. One of the best things about hosting a lemonade stand is that it gets the neighborhood together. A cup of lemonade to cool off the summer heat plus cute kids in apron might entice a crowd. But the real draw is that it gets people out of the house and socializing with each other.

  5. Have a picnic. Head to a local park or beach and have a picnic and let your kids run free, ride a bike or fly a patriotic kite.

  6. Get festive and make decorations. It’s not a party if you’re a kid without proper décor. Making decorations can end up being a fun craft with utility.

  7. Garden. The great thing about gardening or planting something is that it will outlast the ephemeral holiday. Plus, you can eat the fruits of your labor and potentially do something good for the environment.

  8. Go swimming / Set up a play pool. Fourth of July is the holiday that kicks off summer. It’s only appropriate to involve water play.

  9. Make S’mores. Making s’mores around the fire underneath stars is an enchanting experience. You could even retell a storybook fairytale.

  10. Watch fireworks. Everyone’s first choice for Fourth of July celebrations can tend to draw a crowd. The best way to ensure you get to watch fireworks with your kids is to plan ahead.

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